Cameron’s Nursery is a specialist wholesale nursery based in Arcadia NSW, in the Sydney Hills District.

About Us

We strive to supply a quality product while continuing to reduce our impact on the environment.’

About us

Cameron’s Nursery, established in 1992, operates as a production wholesale nursery located in Arcadia, NSW, within the Sydney Hills District. We hold NIASA industry accreditation, EcoHort, and Biosecure HACCP certifications, adhering to industry-leading practices and quality management systems. Our clientele includes retail garden centres, major retail outlets, landscape trade professionals, and commercial projects.
Sustainability is at the core of our business strategy, driving continuous improvement across all aspects. We are dedicated to enhancing our sustainability performance, which is evident in our integrated pest management, water recycling, green procurement practices, and waste minimisation efforts. This commitment aims to foster a sustainable and profitable organisation, safeguarding the environment and supporting rural communities. Through initiatives like IPM and ICM, we strive to contribute to a more resilient and eco-friendly farming sector, earning recognition through awards for our environmental and business practices.
At Cameron’s Nursery, we take pride in our diverse plant selections and are always on the lookout for new and exciting varieties to offer gardeners and landscapes.


Our Commitment to Quality

Our specialist nursery is dedicated to cultivating and introducing unique products to the market, offering a diverse selection of high-quality plants tailored to today’s consumers. Our range includes premium Perennials, Cottage Plants, Ground Covers, Lavender, and Rosemary, carefully selected to meet varying needs and preferences throughout the year.

We take pride in constantly refreshing our product lines to provide a unique offering to retailers, keeping displays fresh and captivating for consumers. Our branded lines are supported by promotional material, ensuring visibility and engagement at retail outlets. Visit www.inspirationalgardening.com.au and www.provenwinners.com.au for more information.



Our commitment to exceptional service extends to our customer service representatives, who are dedicated to providing prompt and personalised assistance. Customers can access our weekly availability list and take advantage of our pre-grow and pre-order options for special projects, landscaping needs, and organisational requirements, all offered at competitive prices.
With a network of specialist nursery distributors, we offer convenient delivery services across Sydney Metropolitan, Country NSW, and the ACT every week, with arrangements possible for Victoria and Queensland. Our highly skilled and dedicated staff are committed to delivering quality products and service excellence to the nursery industry.

Anemone Fantasy Ariel, Anemone Fantasy Elsa, Anemone Fantasy Red Double, Anemone Fantasy Belle, Anemone Fantasy Jasmine, Anemone Fantasy Rapoensel

Anemone Fantasy Ariel, Anemone Fantasy Elsa, Anemone Fantasy Elsa, Anemone Fantasy Belle, Anemone Fantasy Jasmine, Anemone Fantasy Rapunzel