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Aster novi-belgii

Asters are perennials which  give a fantastic display lasting for many months of pink, mauve or purple daisy like flowers during summer and autumn.
Aster novi-belgii
Botanical Name
Aster novi-belgii
Common Name
Michaelmas daisy or Easter daisy
Key Features
Flowering prolifically in summer and autumn. Available in pink, mauve or purple.
35-40cm high x 35-40cm wide
Full sun position and well drained soils.
Island Asters are perennials which naturally multiply in the garden providing a larger display of flowers each season. Flower from late summer through autumn with the plant becoming covered in flowers.
Cultural Notes
Easy to grow, remove spent flowers. Fertilise when planting.
Landscape Ideas
 Great for pots and borders mixed in with perennial boarders for Autumn colour. Coastal and drought tolerant. Tolerates frosts.
Water Requirements
 Average, does not like wet soils, keep in a well drained position.
Beautiful daisy like flowers during summer and autumn.