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Alstromeria x hybrida Anne

Duchess DÁnjou Alstromeria is an amazing series, bred to perform best in gardens or large containers when their colourful flower heads can be enjoyed over an extended period.

Alstromeria Anne

Alstromeria Anne

Botanical Name
Alstromeria x hybrida Anne
Common Name
Alstromeria Duchess d’Anjou Anne
Key Features
A DÁnjou varieties are easy to grow, rewarding gardeners with hundreds of beautiful flowers from psring until late summer.
50cm high x 40cm wide
Full sun/part shade
Stunning bi colour salmon-pink and white flowers with a yellow thorat.
Cultural Notes
Keep roots cool by mulching and feed with slow release fertliser each spring before the growing season.
Great for garden beds, borders and containers.
Water Requirements
Moderate water requirements.