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Stachys byzantina syn lanata

‘Lambs Ears’

Low growing ground cover and proven garden performer.

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Stachys ‘Lambs Ears’

Botanical Name
Stachys lanata
Common Name
Lambs Ears
Key Features
‘Lambs Ears’ are low growing ground covers and proven garden performers. Flourishing in dry conditions they require little care once established.
Full sun to part shade. Tolerate frosts
Lambs Ears will flower from summer to autumn
Cultural Notes
Requires little maintenance once established. In spring, tidy older leaves to promote fresh growth. Fertilise in spring and autumn.
Landscape Ideas
Ideal for perennial borders or low informal hedges. Also effective used in cottage gardens and containers as a single item or in mixed plantings.
Water Requirements
Low once established.
  • ‘Big Ears’ – Deep pink flowers – 30cm high x 50cm wide
  • ‘Cotton Balls’ Silver balls – 30cm high x 50cm wide
  • ‘Little Ears’ Pink/purple flowers – 10cm high x 30cm wide
  • byzantia – purple pink flower – 40cm high x 50cm wide