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Agastache rugosa X foeniculum ‘Blue Fortune’

A fabulous summer flowering Agastache with spires of blue flowers with highly fragrant green foliage with sweet mint smell. Blue Fortune won the “Great Plant Picks” award in 2004 for its outstanding garden peformance.

Agastache ‘Blue Fortune’


Agastache rugosa X foeniculum ‘Blue Fortune’
Botanical Name
Agastache rugosa X foeniculum
Common Name
‘Humming Bird Mint’ or ‘Hyssop Anise’
Key Features
Quickly develops into a full bush. Ideal for sunny borders, clustered in perennial borders or combination patio containers. Frost, drought & tolerates hot dry or wet summers. Attracts birds and butterflies.
70cm high x 50cm wide.
Full sun.
Blue Fortune is a perennial which flowers in the warmer months. Masses of blue flower spires appear in summer and autumn providing long lasting colour.
Cultural Notes
Fertilise in spring. Free draining soil required. Trim lightly after main flowering is finished & new flowers will appear. Cut back to approximately 25cm in early spring to make way for new growth.
Landscape Ideas
Useful for perennial borders, cottage gardens, tub specimen, en masse or water wise landscapes.
Water Requirements
Drought and heat tolerant.
Blue spire flowers, easy to grow and drought tolerant, Full Sun, Promise to Bloom, Hardy.